Commercial Batteries

Engineered for the toughest conditions... 

Enirgi Power Storage's range of commercial batteries are designed to deal with the constant stresses of long haul conditions, high operating temperatures and excessive vibration. 

The integrated computer designed and reinforced container is built to persevere through the toughest conditions. X-FrameTM technology employs a stamped and fully framed grid for better power flow and longer battery life. Grid protection stabilises the active material eliminating early battery failure.

As Your Battery Specialists we are always on hand to assist. Our wide range means we can build a power storage solution to help you minimise downtime and maximise productivity. 


Battery Structure Enirgi Power Storage Australia E2000 cut out

  1. X-Frame Grid technology and Grid Protection technology         
  2. Enveloped separator for low electric resistance
  3. Advanced centre lug technology and cast-on strap
  4. Sealed double lid with flame arrestor
  5. Integrated computer-designed and reinforced container
  6. Magic Eye Indicator (conveniently displays state of charge)



Light Commercial


Heavy Truck