Eguana System

The Eguana AC Battery™ offers an intelligent and certified complete grid-ready power control solution both for adding storage to existing solar panel and inverter systems.

Expect superior performance from the Eguana AC Battery which is flexible, reliable and highly-efficient, built around a patented Bi-Direx PCS. It readily accepts dispatch commands from any control network by using smart open communication protocols resulting as a cost-effective option opposed to the more expensive conventional grid extension.

Smart Features:

  • Pre-integrated with industry leading Li-Ion batteries
  • Provides superior performance in Utility grid applications including:
    • PV Self Consumption
    • Frequency Regulation
    • Demand Response
    • Feeder Voltage Support
  • Provides a maximum flexibility for system aggregators which desire to be deployed as a standalone product, as part of new solar storage installations, or as a retrofit to solar PV installations that are already in place.
  • 10 years performance warranty
  • Range: 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 kWh

The AC Battery can be used in conjunction with other Flexibility Generation sources such as: Photovoltaics (PV), Wind, Diesel, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) to increase.

You can command the Eguana AC Battery via a Sunpec-compliant Modbus interface using a third party energy management system/gateway.

Due to the Li-ion battery - ready with fully integrated battery management system provides reliable long term performance. Flexible battery capacities from two to six battery modules.